NXT Level Fitness is a private personal training gym located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Each one of our trainers are well experienced and hand-selected, making it a family-like atmosphere. We offer weight loss, weight training, strength training & conditioning, cardio, injury rehab, and much more—all personalized based on the  individual's goal. We strive on making our facility a professional, maintained and judgment-free while having the client's gym experience be the highlight of their day.

At NXT Level Fitness we believe that personalized fitness training as well as nutritional guidance can lead to a long lasting lifestyle transformation. Our clients are every day individuals of any age or skill level with different fitness goals looking to improve their lives both mentally and physically. Contact us today to get started.

Eric Stephenson, LMT - Whole Body Wellness
Makawao, Hawaii

Eric's clients include dancers, performers, and athletes as well as many others with occupational, stress-related and activity based challenges.  He treats a wide range of conditions from
musculoskeletal issues arising from motor vehicle accidents or sports injuries, to conditions like headaches, TMJD, postural dysfunction, overuse injuries, nerve syndromes, arthritis, depression, stress and chronic tension.  

Whole Body Wellness is located in historic Makawao and offers naturopathic medicine and chiropractic care in addition to massage therapy. Our clinic has a warm, welcoming waiting area, three treatment rooms, and a lanai in the back to soak in the upcountry air before or after your treatment.

I met Eric in October 2015 and was impressed with his skill as a massage therapist.  His professionalism and compassion for his clients is at the core of his business.  As a life coach, I am always looking for inspiration from others in the health & wellness industry and it has been a privilege getting to know Eric and learn about his philosophy and skill as a healer.  I highly recommend his services.  The next time you are in Maui, make sure you check him out.  He does in office and out call treatments to hotels.  A perfect addition to your vacation.

Five Rings Jiu Jitsu offers classes for all levels, Gi and No-Gi, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, one of the most effective self defense styles and easy to learn martial arts in the world. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu promotes the concept that anyone, regardless of their size or strength, can defend against a bigger, strong assailant using leverage and proper technique.

I have really enjoyed my time at Five Rings Jui Jitsu.  Instructors Tom Oberhue and Eric Dorsett have created a community of friendly, dedicated, and helpful students who work together to share the not only the love of this sport, but their passion for growth and personal development. 

Some other reviews that I have seen include:

"The best martial arts instruction I have received anywhere. The coaches are all top notch and the students and coaches have a great spirit."

"Before going to this gym, I was really treading water in terms of my fitness gains and performance. But after the coaching I received from Five Rings, I was put on a nutrition plan and the results have been amazing. In the course of my training, I've put on 20 lbs of muscle and my conditioning is at it's highest level."

"Five Rings is a family and a team that fosters growth. My experience has been one of transformation. Coach Tom has been a huge part of my journey of recovery and success."